IMS / IAM implementation single sign-on (SSO)

The IAM module installation is a part of Arter software updates. Successful implementation requires actions by the IMS admin user and the SSO administrator.
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Instructions for before and after the update.

This guide is for: all IMS users, IMS login using SSO (single sign-on)

Actions required by the IMS administrator:

1. Check that all users have an organization email address registered in their user information

You can check this from Administration settings > Phonebook.

Related instructions (in Finnish, to be updated): Miten lisäät IMS käyttäjän tai muokkaat käyttäjän tietoja.

2. Check that all users have a unique email, and that the userlist does not contain any duplicate email addresses. Remember to check also deleted users.

How to check duplicate email addresses: Administration > Maintenance actions > Users with duplicate email addresses. 

Related instructions (in Finnish, to be updated): sähköpostiosoitteiden duplikaattien tarkistaminen

3. Inform your organization about the software update and IAM installation. Please deliver the SSO configuration instructions to the person responsible and ask them to provide ''Metadata URL'' to Arter.

Steps of implementation:

  1. Configuring SSO in the customer's organization according to the provided instructions.
  2. Agreement of the time of installation between the client and the supplier (Arter Oy)
  3. Supplier performs the installation.  Please note that there will be a service interruption caused by the installation. 
  4. All users must link their account to the IMS environment. Please follow the instructions below.

Instructions to linking your IMS account to the IMS environment.

  1. Press the button that says "customer SSO"

After pressing the button, if you are asked to log in, use the same credentials you use when logging into your computer.

2. You will see a similar window as above. Choose: Add to existing account

3. You will receive the notification above. The system will send you an email asking to link your email to the account. Approve this by clicking the link in the email.

Please notice that the link is valid for only five minutes!

When the linking is done you can log into IMS normally.

If encountering unexpected technical issues, please create a support request to Arter technical support: Create a support request
You also have a new drawing editor (Draw) in use after IAM installation. It can be enabled in the administration settings (related instructions in Finnish, to be updated): IMS piirtoeditorin valinta
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